Composting Agents


Agripure bio-organic Fumier is a liquid manure digester that is generally employed by the client to enhance cow and other manure, as well as other compostable materials on the farm. Fumier has been enriched with capital BO-6606. It enhances and accelerates the composting of naturally occurring biowaste material to ensure soil biome contribution much quicker than the normal composting processes.


Agripure bio-organic Terrangrais is a crumb remediate product that enhances and accelerates composting. It consists of a carbon-rich, high-grade humus bioorganic carrier, blended with our BO-6606, providing a product that can be applied with all spreaders. The product has a nominal dimension of < 5 millimetres in diameter. This product has been primarily developed to remediate exhausted and poor-quality soils. The product immediately initiates the remediation of the soil biome to enhance general soil performance.

Active ingredient activation and solubility start when it comes in contact with the moisture in the soil. It is 100% organic and environmentally friendly. It is not an invasive product and will not harm or chemically burn crops at any application concentration.

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