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Roedtan Wheat Case Study

Roedtan Wheat Case Study

This trial was undertaken between August 2018 and July 2019 on the Farm Tweekanzen in Limpopo. 

As indicated below, the trial was done on 4 adjacent, 2-hectare blocks using AgriPure granules applied at 35kg per hectare, on Duplex Soils and a normal rainfall (601mm / year.) 

Test Area


Field Test 1

Field Test 2

Field Test 3

Area (Hectare) 2
Fertiliser 3:2:1 & Kan AgriPure Pellets 8:3:1 AgriPure Pellets 8:3:1 AgriPure Pellets 8:3:1
Application Kg/Hect Kg/Hect Kg/Hect Kg/Hect
Soil Type Sandy Loam Sandy Loam Black Loam Sandy Loam
Yield (Kg) 15.61 16.84  17.32  16.55 
% Change 0% 7.88%  10.95%  6.02% 



  • Better Bio-Mass (Roots and Leaves)
  • Yield Increase
  • More Microbial Aggregates
  • Faster Germination
  • 1 Ton Yield Increase per Hectare
  • 8.6 Ton/Hectare on 1 X Dosing compared to Control at 7.81 Ton/Hectare
  • Wheat Selling at R 4 000.00 Per/Ton
  • Input Cost R 500.00
  • Extra Profit of R 3 500.00 Per/Ton

The product is Bio-organic and therefore not harmful to the environment, birds or animal life. AgriPure contains carefully selected Microbial Organisms and Organic Compounds including Macro and Microelements with a notable presence of Carbon.

AgriPure’s achievement in the development of this product, followed by field testing on various crop types, allows you the Client to get all the benefits from this fertiliser that you need to optimise soil health and yield quality. The AgriPure range of products is based on

  • sterilised and certified organic products. All AgriPure fertiliser components that are fully traceable and carries full certification.
  • this fast-acting, slow-releasing product, has full traceability, while it includes a comprehensive Biological, Organic, Growth stimulants and with the required mineral (Macro and Micro) elements.
TWEEKANSEN, Morolong - Limpopo - By J.J. Neethling